All you need Facial Pack

All you need Facial Pack

Everything you need to start your new regime! 

1 - Face Cleanser - It is truly important to take very special care of our facial skin, being as gentle and caring with it as possible. This cleanser has been especially designed to thoroughly clean and moisturise our face in one. As we gently massage into our skin, we are enriching ourselves with a detoxifying, cleansing, fresh tonic that nourishes and balances, creating a healthy skin colouration and glow. It is a tissue regenerator, and creates even skin tone, all the while being soft gentle, nourishing and most importantly – cleansing! As we remove the cleanser, the daily dirt and grime goes with it, leaving us fresh and nourished. Using the ‘Oil Cleansing method’ means that we completely avoid any harsh abrasive action to our precious faces. 100ml pump bottle, great for pretty much all skin types.

2 - Follow the Cleanser with a quick spray of Rose Facial Toner. This will work to balance and brighten, refresh and glow with the very beneficial ingredients of rose and witch hazel. Leave to dry naturally before using the face blend. 50ml spray bottle, suitable for all skin types.

3 - Personalised facial blend. Talk to me or browse through my other facial blends to see which will be the best for your skin type. 30ml dropper bottle. Please let me know which you would like!

This facial routine is recommended to use on a nightly basis. Each morning you should be fine to cleanse with just a warm face cloth (we are working here on not overcleansing), then apply the toner again, and your face blend or day cream.

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  • Details

    Facial Cleanser:

    100% Organic Ingredients

    Apricot kernel, Prunis armeniaca
    Jojoba, Simmondsia sinensis
    Avocado, Persea gratissima
    Tangerine, Citrus reticulata
    Lavender, Lavendula angustifolia
    Rosewood, Aniba Roseaodora
    Frankincense, Boswellia Carteri

    Individually hand blended in New Zealand

    Directions: Apply a few pumps to fingertips, then gently massage into moist face and neck. Leave for a few moments then gently wash off with a soft warm face cloth. Rinse with cold water afterwards. Recommended for night use, followed by a specialised a.h.s facial serum.
    *high in essential fatty acids, Vitamins & antioxidents
    Always patch test first. Do not use if you have an allergy to avocado. Seek professional advice before using during pregnancy. Made from local & imported ingredients.

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