WELCOME to a.h.s Skincare​ 

No matter what we put on our skin, it only takes 26 seconds for it to reach our blood stream, and from there it travels on to feed all our blood cells and body organs... Lets make the most of this by feeding our skin with pure, nourishing and organic goodness!!

All my products are organic, and are made from absolute top quality ingredients. I support ethically sourced & NZ ingredients, cold pressed and virgin carrier oils. Each product is delightfully therapeutic, extremely nourishing and silky smooth, promoting exceptionally glowing and healthy skin.

You will see that my products are all oil blends. This is because I like to make a product in its rawest most natural form, without adding any agents, thickeners or adulterating it. They are simple, just as nature intended. My facial blends are just like a serum! 

My mission is to create natural & sustainable products that work alongside your skin, creating perfect balance & harmony. 

My ingredients are all sourced from the earth – so you will recognise each ingredient as something that feeds your mind, body & soul. You can read about each ingredient here. I love to create the best possible treat for everybody, so I can design a blend to suit your needs. Face serums, ointments, pregnancy & baby blends are my specialties! Each product is freshly made, individually hand blended especially for you.
Have a browse through my products to read about how it will be beneficial to you,
or contact me here and I can design a personalised blend & skincare plan just for you . 



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