a.h.s skincare

In 2008 I qualified as an Aromatherapist and a Holistic Massage therapist. This, combined with living and travelling abroad, and becoming a Mama, has meant that I have quickly grown to be very passionate and aware of natural health. In my opinion, good health is our biggest asset, and therefore we must really look after ourselves to maintain optimal health. When we feel good, when we feel healthy - we look good – we look healthy!!  A huge part of feeling good is having good skin, and as much as I believe in a good diet and lifestyle to maintain this, I truly believe that good skincare is so important too. Our biggest organ is our skin and it is so super absorbent. No matter what we put on our skin, it only takes 26 seconds for it to reach our blood stream! I believe we can take advantage of this by putting nutrient rich and 100% natural substances onto our skin which will therefore nourish us externally as well as internally, contributing to maintaining our optimal health.  Through my study as well as plenty of personal research and skin seminars (including Dr. Haushka) I have enjoyed experimenting for myself and creating products for the a.h.s skincare range - which are both perfect for our skin, perfect for our body!

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